Due to the high competition, each online casino tries to offer unique content. However, the software on all sites is relatively the same. Therefore, operators are finding new ways to attract an audience by introducing lucrative offers that help to significantly increase the gaming budget.

Why Do Online Casinos Give Out Bonuses?

An integral part of a successful online casino is proper marketing. In classic use, it has two main components: attraction and retention. In the first case, various tools are used to get the site into the top search engines so that the client sees the site and is interested in its content. However, attracting gamblers to your resource is only half of the problem, the main task is to keep the player by giving him what he wants. Bonuses are the best solution to this issue for several reasons:

  • the player receives additional funds for bets, showing loyalty to the portal;
  • the casino gets a new resident who will stay at least until he can collect the winnings.

What Bonuses Increase the Gaming Budget

There are different types of bonuses, each with its conditions for receiving:

  • No deposit bonus upon registration. It is the very first gift a new casino user receives. Usually, these are money for a particular slot. The conditions are very simple — just sign up for an account and activate one of the proposed methods.
  • Deposit bonus. It is issued for replenishing a game account. This encourages the user to invest to receive additional funds. Such gifts are issued in the form of interest, there may be 50, 100, 200% to the first, second and so on, deposit.
  • Reload bonuses. They are designed for regular users, issued as a reward for gaming activity. It can also be add-ons for replenishment by a promotional code. To draw more attention to the bonus, it has a limited validity period or is issued only on certain days, and a minimum contribution amount is set.
  • Cashback. This is compensation for lost funds. Usually issued at the end of the month based on the results of the previous one. The difference between the amount of the bet and the losses is calculated, and then a certain percentage is allocated from this amount, most often 10%. This approach softens the grief of the player after the loss and shows concern on the part of the casino.

Thus, you can significantly increase your game budget with the help of bonuses for registration, replenishment, activity, etc. In addition to the financial, it includes a psychological factor, because everyone loves to get something for free, without making any effort. This is a convenient and profitable method of promoting a virtual establishment, in which everyone wins — site owners and visitors.

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